Michael Bell (Executive Chairman).
Joined the company in December, 1972 and appointed to the Board in July, 1980.

Michael O’Connell (Finance).
Joined the company in September, 1980 and appointed to the Board in February,1985.

Nicholas Bell (Executive).
Joined the company in October, 1999 and appointed to the Board in July, 2013.


Roger Lane-Smith – Age 73
Appointed a director in January, 1983. He is a non-executive director of Timpson Group plc, Lomond Capital Partners & Mostyn Estates Limited and a number of other private companies.

David Pyle – Age 73
Appointed an executive director in July, 1980. He stepped down as an executive director in April, 2013 and has been appointed a non-executive director.

David Hansell – Age 73
Appointed a non-executive director in June 2014. He has retired from his position as managing director of MSI-Defence Systems after more than 50 years in the business, having started his apprenticeship in 1962 and at some time or other served in the majority of positions in the Company.